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Kråp is a Danish brand, founded in Copenhagen.

Kråp is created on the feeling of doing something and creating something. Something new, something simple, something uncompromising. Kråp is not here to save the world, but here to make beautiful and comfortable to be in. the brand is here to make clothes that should neither be thrown out nor in the back of the closet. It is though by people, produced by people and shall be used by people.

Clothing pollutes. It is only the oil industry that contaminate more globally. A small Danish brand can’t change that fact, but Kråp tries to support a new development. That is why the cotton with the long fibres is cultivated in Turkey where there is special focus on sustainable production. In northern Portugal, five kilometres from Braga, Gabritex is located where the 30-year-old company produce Kråps T-shirts; model A, in 100 percent organic cotton. It is done with the biggest possible focus on educating staff, good working conditions and environmentally friendly production.

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