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Caravel Oak by Tonn-P

Caravel is a three-masted candleholder in oak wood. The patent-protected Danish design dates back to the 1960s.

Tonn-P’s interest for aircrafts and medieval ships characterizes the unique design.

Height: 29,5 cm 
Length: 29,5 cm
Width: 7 cm

Material: Oak 

Package dimensions: 30 × 28.5 × 7.3 cm


699,00 DKK

Caravel is the perfect gift to any design lover

The design is distinctive. With three arms whose hard lines are counterbalanced by round shapes, it does not look like any other candleholder.

It is a perfect addition to any design home and signals taste and great aesthetic feel. It is the perfect gift for any design lover who admires a special history behind the design.

Uniquely designed candleholder

In common with Tonn-P’s design, the caravel ship also had a special design idiom.

As a little boy, Tonn-P often used his spare time building model ships. Comparing with old drawings, it is clear how the candleholders imitate the masts and booms. In Tonn-P’s version of the Caravel, one can almost feel the era of discovery.

Wherever this amazing candleholder “sets sail”, it brings warmth and character to your home.


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