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NEO by Nis Hauge

Neo is an elegant and innovative knife magnet in an oak frame.

This knife holder is designed so you can hang your knives exactly where and how you wish.

If you have a lot of knives, you don’t need lots of space; you can simply place the knife magnets offset in relation to each other and thereby optimise your kitchen space.

One pack contains three Neo knife holders with space for up to six knives in total. A clever, simple and innovative knife holder that makes storing knives quick, intuitive and helps maintain optimal blade sharpness.

Height: 2,1 cm 
Length: 10 cm
Width: 4 cm

Material: Oak

Package dimensions: 14.5 × 11 × 5 cm


499,00 DKK

Easy access to knives

Neo “floats” three centimetres from the wall. This allows you to place the knife holder in the most optimal position in your kitchen, so you can grab the handle of the knife with ease.

This means that you avoid grazing your knuckles against the wall or losing your grip on the knife, something that often happens with conventional magnets because they don’t allow enough space between the wall and handle for a satisfactory grip.

Neo is the ideal knife magnet for smaller kitchens. Claim the space you need for all your knives with Nis Hauge’s innovative design.


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