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Spinning Top Trio: Tony by SHFT

Tony is a spinning top in walnut and oak.

Tony is the third leg of the Spinning Top Trio, designed by Danish design duo SHFT. The trio is also made up of Ballerina and Pepito, but Tony in particular, with his swagger and self-confident appearance, is a lovable part of the Spinning Top Trio.

Height: 10 cm 
Length: 8 cm
Width: 8 cm

Material: Walnut, oak

Wax: Beeswax

Package dimensions: 12.5 × 12.5 × 12.5 cm


249,00 DKK

Stimulate imagination and train motor skills

The spinning tops are not just toys. They are handcrafted functional art that can both train small children’s motor skills, become an occasion for play and competition and at the same time serve as a beautiful installation in the living room.

The idea behind the Spinning Top Trio was to create small everyday icons, which at the same time could be play objects for all.

The trio – both together and individually – stimulate play and imagination. The perfect christening gift or birthday present for children and playful souls.

Design and fairy tales in fascinating tandem

SHFT have created a fairy-tale with Ballerina, Pepito and Tony.

A triangular drama inspired in equal parts by ballet, musicals and animation. But above all, beautiful design that can be used for play and decoration in the living room or kid’s room.

Tony, like the bowling ball Pepito, is smitten with the Ballerina. But can he sway her with his unconquerable charm? With the Spinning Top Trio you can have fun with Tony alone or complete the fairy-tale.

You decide how the story will end.


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